D&B Real Estate Company

was established in 2014 in Riyadh KSA as a devision of Design and Build Construction Company  who pooled their skills, resources and experience to develop and operate residential, commercial and mixed use projects in KSA and beyond.

The Company spun off of D&B Construction Company (Owned by Arch Abdulelah Al Mohanna as Chairman and Tarek Buhamdan as MD) whose founders made the shift from building properties for clients to developing properties of their own.

In the course of going through the process to do everything from concept to Asset Management in house. The company was formed and a team was built to fulfill the property management function. The success of that project led to the incorporation of D&B Real Estate which has since grown to several ongoing and complete projects.

D&B Real Estate Co. is capable, internally and through our affiliates , of providing end to end real estate development solutions.


The purpose of establishing Design and Build Real Estate Company is to acquire land through lease, purchase or in partnership with land owners to develop commercially viable real estate projects. Our approach in this endeavor is to appeal and/or cater to four key audiences.

In the case of land lease or partnership with land owners, the company plans and present projects that will attract land owners to either lease their assets for a fair term and rate or participate in the proposed projects by putting up the value of their land in the fund raising effort as partners in the development project.

Design and Build Real Estate also engages in planning projects that investors (firms, institutions or individuals) will find to be attractive investments when presented with the plans, due diligence and feasibility studies of planned developments.

Design and Build real estate also studies market trends, identifying high value trade zones in which efforts are made to find land for development with the consideration of retail tenant’s commercial and functional needs, desires and objectives. The developments made in such locations may be mixed use or pure retail but will always be high end, iconic, niche and well planned regarding design,  size (of units and overall), function and facilities. As the company grows it is building relationships with its retail partners to understand their needs and desires in order to better serve them with each new project.

The residential and hospitality projects of Design and Build Real Estate are built to serve specific market segments in terms of income bracket, catering to their tastes, preferred locations, facilities and sense of community in a bid to be an industry leader in creating niche small and mid size premium residential complexes and buildings.

Finally to develop niche projects that yield an above average return for the type of real estate that they are, and promote those projects to investors who wish to acquire income generating real estate that provides a steady return to themselves or their clients.


To develop high end real estate projects that have a commendable visual, social and commercial impact in the locations they are built and the communities they host and serve.


Design and Build Real Estate Company strives to become an industry leader in the development of iconic, bespoke, niche mid size real estate developments that can be replicated in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region.


  • Regional expansion in the real estate development field taking on more projects and larger projects to fulfill market needs and mature as a business
  • Regional expansion in the field of property management and marketing of select types of real estate
  • Development of a hospitality brand
  • Develop a strong base of key customer relations to help build the capacity of the company
  • Affiliate with several private equity, financial services firms and family offices interested in investing in innovative real estate projects
  • To develop income generating projects that yield a steady return which we then promote and sell to individuals and institutions that find their value and proposition attractive.
  • Build and sustain credibility and a good reputation in the real estate development and operation industries



The Plaza 1

  • Project Owner:                      Mefic capital 
  • Location:                                Riyadh KSA
  • Construction Period:            18 months
  • Status:                                    Completed Jan 30th, 2015             
  • Project Type:                          Mixed use (commercial and residential
  • Development Cost:                SAR 50,000,000
  • Built Up Area:                         20,401 SQM
  • Total Land size:                      9,580 SQM
  • Height:                                    Ground + Mezzanine +2 floors
  •  Units:                                      50 apartments, 12 showrooms

Mateen Plaza is an upscale neighborhood retail plaza and residential complex. The retail outlets are intended to serve the residential tenants and surrounding community supplying house hold goods, F&B furniture, electronics, toys, confectionary, apparel and services such as edutainment, medical and cosmetology.

The residential element of the development introduces a new concept of a suspended secure compound that should appeal to affluent and upwardly mobile expatriates and diplomats. The design is modern and upscale providing privacy, isolation from the hustle and bustle of a busy street with noise barriers, security and community feel with visibility to the community area for most units and close proximity to all residential and support facilities in a secure environment.

The concept is viable on a major artery which provides the added convenience of access to work, education, travel and leisure while buffering itself from all outside activity for the residents while providing maximum visibility for the retail tenants.

The project details are as follows:

  • Showrooms                       6,421 Square meters
  • Residential                         5,758 Square meters
  • Services and amenities    4,306 Square meters
  • Terraces                             1,747 Square meters
  • Parking Spaces                  150





  • Project Owner:                      D&B Real Estate 100%
  • Location:                               Riyadh KSA
  • Construction Period:            24 months
  • Status:                                   Handed over              
  • Project Type:                        Retail and wellness
  • Development Cost:              SAR 66,000,000
  • Built Up Area:                       21,000 SQM
  • Total Land size:                    9,200 SQM
  • Height:                                   Basement + Ground + Mezzanine                                                    +2 floors
  • Units:                                     9 Showrooms, 2 full floors of                                                            commercial space      

Al Dhiyafah, located on exit 2, on a high traffic section of the thoroughfare in an upper class neighborhood and high end trade zone. Al Dhiyafah’s location has high visibility and easy access for patrons. It is a retail strip mall consisting of 9 Showrooms that cover the ground and mezzanine floors with support facilities attached in the basement. These units all have terraces and are designated to be destination restaurants with all the relevant operations support facilities. The first and second floors will also be retail spaces designated to Spa, beauty center, serviced offices and/or children’s entertainment facilities. The overall concept is to provide a one stop family outing facility:

  • Basement                               9.200                    Square meters
  • Ground floor                          3200             Square meters
  • Mezzanine                              1,861.52               Square meters
  • First floor                                4600                    Square meters
  • Second floor                           2300                    Square meters

Al Dhiyafah restaurant localizer will host high end destination restaurants that are pre-designed with consideration of cultural norms for patron seating both indoor and outdoor/ terrace seating which will be gender specific allowing easy flow for servers, privacy, great ambiance, convenience of access for pedestrians and vehicles as well as ample parking at both ground level and the basement. In addition to the aforementioned conveniences services such as valet parking and security will also be provided by the building operator. In the basement there will be ample parking for patrons as well as isolated service access with obscured loading and unloading areas. The basement will also have dedicated space for each restaurant operator for their waste dumping, storage, staff access and prep or lounge area.




The Plaza 2

Mateen plaza 2 is a retail strip mall consisting of 6 Showrooms with an apartment compound, community space with facilities and a commercial gym on top. The total built up  area is as follows:

  • Basement                             4,800 Square meters
  • Showrooms                          2,140 Square meters
  • Ground floor                         1,570 Square meters
  • Mezzanine                             784 Square meters
  • Residence (1st to 5th)          8,585 Square meters
  • Roof Facilities                       552 Square meters
  • Project Owner:                      D&B 65%
  •  Location:                              Riyadh KSA
  • Construction Period:            24 months
  • Status:                                   Ongoing
  • Project Type:                         Retail and Hospitality
  • Development Cost:               SAR 52,000,000
  • Built Up Area:                       16,291 SQM
  • Total Land size:                     4,800 SQM
  • Height:                                   Basement + Ground + Mezzanine                                                    +5 floors + Roof community area
  • Units:                                      6 Showrooms, 87 apartments

The plaza is a high end residential compound in Nakheel district. The complex sits atop a mixeduse strip mall affording tenants access to a range of casual dining restaurants,coffee shops and retai shops to socialize in and have the convenience of ordering from whenever they desire. The compound is part of the Plaza 2 building with private access from the basement parking and ground level lobby, to afford the tenants some privacy as they arrive and leave their homes.

The building is located on King Abdullah road beside the tunnel that goes under Takhassusi Rd. The Plaza is minutes from the city center and Kind Saud University, close to major arteries leading to Riyadh City Centre and the King Khalid international airport.



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